We implement advanced information management technologies to achieve critically important objectives for your business.

Design engineering

One of the most important stages in the creation or modernization of complex systems, such as information or utility infrastructure management systems. During design engineering, an idea acquires its final shape, technical characteristics and form. The results of high-quality design engineering must contain an assessment of financial expenditure and time taken to implement the project, as well as take into account all of the specifics of integrating any system under development with existing complexes.


Complex solutions for automating the business processes of an enterprise. Integration of new solutions into the customer’s ecosystem. We will ensure the operation of individual information systems as a single whole.

Project implementation

The most important stage of the project life cycle. Statistics show that only 10% of all projects are implemented in a high-quality way, within the budget and on time. iCore has extensive experience in implementing infrastructural projects for customers across various industries, both from Russia and representative offices of the largest international companies. The successful implementation of any project depends highly on collaboration with all project stakeholders: i.e. the technical customer, general contractor, the largest system integrators, associated contractors, technical supervision bodies, etc. We can coordinate our work with them, which allows us to guarantee project implementation on time and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Technological consulting

Technological consulting involves providing the customer with services related to the development and implementation of technical policies in the sphere of information technologies and engineering, as well as individual technological projects for creating infrastructure or technically complicated products. All measures are closely related to the enterprise’s existing business strategy enterprise and objectives issued to the IT Department. iCore is ready to assist in the achievement of any objectives encountered by the customer during the creation and management of technical infrastructure.


Professional maintenance of all infrastructure components is a must for reliable operation and return on investment. The company’s authorized 24/7 service center ensures the highest quality of maintenance and is ready to satisfy the strictest requirements in terms of response time to incidents and the restoration of infrastructure components.

System and software development

Existing software complexes in the market are not always suitable for achieving particular business objectives. They are either too complicated due to excessive (universal) functionality or, on the contrary, do not contain the required functions. There is also the issue of the correlation between the cost of ownership and the integration of such software with the existing information systems (IS) of an enterprise and the cost of applied custom development.